2016 Professor Paul Schotsmans Prize winners

It is our pleasure to announce our EACME Professor Paul Schotsmans prize winners for the annual conference 2016 in Leuven.

Anna Genske (Ceres, Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health) will be awarded with the “Paul Schotsmans prize” of 500 Eurosto her scientific contribution ‘“Prescription of Drugs: Yes, Dialysis: Maybe, Heart Surgery: No? Decision-Making Capacity and the Notion of Relativity in Dementia Patients - A Comparative Analysis in Medical Ethics and Law”.

Marcello Ienca (Institute for Biomedical Ethics Basel) will receive a “second” prize, as both abstracts were quite close in our Daily Board selection, for his scientific contribution “Proactive Ethics for Empowering Technology: Critical Issues in Technological Innovation for Dementia Care”.

Congratulations winning these EACME Professor Paul Schotsmans prizes!

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